How To Stay Safe When Buying A Home Security System

Silver CCTV Camera on the white wall
Silver CCTV Camera on the white wall

I am a big fan of security, being a family man its the up most importance for me to keep them safe so I have came up with some tips on how to keep them safe from any harm.

The advancements of home automation and security have been incredible over the past several years, with systems that can be full operational just by the touch of a button. They are designed to make you feel in control and most importantly—feel safe.

Some of the great features that companies will offer you include but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Motion Sensors
  • Control Panel
  • Wireless Control
  • Smoke/Gas Detectors
  • Automatic Locks

They really are an great service to implement into your home, especially if you live in an area with a high crime rate. But you can’t just pick any old company to come and install your system for you. Not all the companies out there are as trusting as we would like to think, and some companies that may be the leading brand in the nation, might not be offered in your area.

No need to worry too much though, the FTC an Attorney General have issued the following precautions to take, before you hire a company to install your system.

Get References

Ask around to family and friends who may have a security system In their home, to see how they enjoy it or if they don’t. Ask questions concerning the company they have used like how much installation cost?

How long did installation take?

Was the equipment fully functional?

How pushy were they on adding more devices?

Have they ever had an alarm? How long did it take for them to be contacted by authorities or the company?

Research Companies

A simple search engine search with the company in question should bring you to some very valuable information that includes customer reviews, prices, membership length, and you can check and see what certifications they may have as most that have been accredited will display a badge on their site. If you can’t find one, dig a little deeper to find this out for sure.

Contact Your Local Police Station and Fire Department

When you choose your home security solution be sure to contact both your local police office, and your districts fire department. Ask them if you need to register with them, or if the company needs to do it. Also find out if there are fines or what the policies are on false alarms, and also be sure to ask how quickly they estimate they can be at your home in case an alarm is sounded.

Always make sure to read the fine print on any contract you ever sign. Look into the warranties these companies offer, and see how long of a contract they lock you into if you choose their service. You need to just be very aware of what you are doing when choosing one of these companies; we are talking about your homes security after all.

Following these tips and any other questions that pop into your head will ensure you that you will find the right company to give you the best service possible.

Say Goodbye To Your Convertible Car

01-jaguar-xkr-s-convertibleI’m not saying that it happens to all of the parents out there, but it does happen to many parents that they have to change their luxury car for a more family-friendly option. It can happen that you might be rolling around with your partner on a two seater before having kids or you had a car which didn’t support travel systems for kids like strollers. Same thing happened to me, I use to drive a very fast two seater convertible sports car before becoming a dad. The obvious reason for changing it was its non-kids-friendly features.

Once you become a parent, you start to see the world with a different perspective. I use t love my convertible but I was very comfortable while giving it up for a Beckett. I’m happy with the massive boot space it has to offer for the stroller and overall it’s a nice ride. I’m actually happy and satisfied with my decision. You have to act more mature once you become a parent.