Say Goodbye To Your Convertible Car

  • April 25, 2016

I’m not saying that it happens to all of the parents out there, but it does happen to many parents that they have to change their luxury car for a more family-friendly option. It can happen that you might be rolling around with your partner on a two seater before having kids or you had a car which didn’t support travel systems for kids like strollers. Same thing happened to me, I use to drive a very fast two seater convertible sports car before becoming a dad. The obvious reason for changing it was its non-kids-friendly features.

Once you become a parent, you start to see the world with a different perspective. I use t love my convertible but I was very comfortable while giving it up for a Beckett. I’m happy with the massive boot space it has to offer for the stroller and overall it’s a nice ride. I’m actually happy and satisfied with my decision. You have to act more mature once you become a parent.